Treatment for emotional stress and or anxiety, shock and trauma.Tasia

This therapy uses colour oils and sound on the body clearing and shifting unwanted negative energies.
By aligning the energies we nurture MIND, BODY and SOUL. This is a nurturing and relaxing process bringing in self love, releasing all tension and aggression.

Responses to the treatments are as varied and unique as the people themselves.
As with any therapy, there can never be a guaranteed result as so much is dependent on what the individual has retained and what requires releasing. Some clients have proclaimed their experience as “absolute magic”, where others report a general sense of well-being and positivity.

The Purpose of this treatment is to release what our bodies hold on too, when we experience trauma, shock, physical pain or illness, these energies are all stored deep within the subconscious and by working
on the body through massage we are able to bring to the conscious awareness, what the sub conscious holds on too which in turn makes us ill, uncomfortable, aggressive, uneasy we hold on to patterns of fear, by releasing all these we bring back energy and vitality to the body and the soul.

By bringing these issues into conscious awareness, the individual is then supported in working through the issue gently and safely.

My success is by virtue of my desire, belief, vision and intention. I bring fresh inspiration into the world. Solutions are found in creative transformation and I am empowered by the spark in my life.

I am Anastasia Sotiropoulos born on the 15 June, and am of Greek decent.
I have resided in South Africa since birth, and have experienced many life changing moments and through those moments I have gained wisdom, insight and my spiritual path began to open.

I am a qualified Antaneea Therapist, Wellness Therapist, and Access Consciousness Body Process Practitioner. My therapy offers you support and guidance, nurturing and love, encouraging clarity, focus and awareness to inspire and motivate you in order to make a difference in your life, by overcoming
the limitations that appear in front of you through the voice of your ego.

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