Little People Clinic is a private well-baby clinic that is run by Sr Sam, a Registered Nurse and Midwife.image_5007_2088

Sr Sam is married to Mike, is the mother of 2 boys and is passionate about all things baby! She also has a deep understanding of how difficult yet rewarding motherhood can be, and has added specializations in psychiatric & community nursing which enables her to take excellent care of mom too!

Little People Clinic offers both Prenatal and Postnatal care.

Prenatal Care:  For all expecting moms, having a baby is a special event! To celebrate and truly enjoy this event, Sr Sam’s antenatal classes inform and equip parents-to-be to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. The knowledge gained will give new moms and dads confidence to enjoy life with their baby!


Antenatal Classes cover the following topics:

•         Lifestyle while pregnant (diet & exercise); Anatomy & physiology; Warning signs during          pregnancy

•         Labour; Natural birth; Pain relief; Assisted deliveries

•         Caesarean birth; Stem cells; Kangaroo care; Sex & Birth control

•         Feeding your baby; Baby basics: What you need

•         What to expect when you get home; Basic care of a newborn; Bathing your baby

•         General home safety; First aid & emergencies; Immunisations


Postnatal Care: Little People Clinic is a safe haven for mom to bring baby in for growth & developmental assessments; private vaccinations; breastfeeding and at a later stage sleeping & feeding routines; introduction to solids and monitoring of all other baby and toddler milestones too.

Having the support of Sr Sam makes it easier for new (and second/ third time) mom’s to settle into their demanding yet rewarding role as smoothly as possible.

Contact the Baby clinic Directly or alternatively through our contact form 

Email –

Cell – 082 325 4996